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Get a Pet

Magician says that he will give a pet to a kid in the audience, and that the kid will chose the pet he or she wants. Several Jumbo cards are displayed showing photographs of different animals: a cat, a turtle, a hamster, a dove and a gold fish. All cards are put face down, the pack is given to the young assistant and he or she is instructed to discard cards one at a time without looking at the faces of the cards. When only one-card remains it is turned face up and it has the photograph of the balloon figure of a dog. The magicians make a dog with a balloon that is given to the kid. A new, self-working trick for children.

Price    u$s 16.00  -  € 14.08 Add to Wishlist
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Coke Can Vanishing

The most visible and clean vanishing of a can of Coke. Very easy to do. No skill required.

Precio:    u$s 24.00  -  € 21.12
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Ethereal Salt - Vernet

You show a salt shaker, you pour all the salt into your fist and without any sleight the salt vanishes. You show the shaker empty, you cover it with a silk and in a few seconds you take off the silk to show the shaker full of salt again.

Precio:    u$s 18.00  -  € 15.84
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Henry Evansīs Rising Card

A card is selected from a face up fan. The deck is placed into the case and the spectator holds it. The magician stands far away and the selected card rises out of the deck. Then, everyting can be fully examined by the spectator...everything!
Precio:    u$s 15.00  -  € 13.20
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Ring on Rope

This is the ring to perform the classic routines with which Daryl and Colombini have amazed us for years. The ring is built in only one piece without any kind of welding or sewing. It is chrome plated. Its seize (diameter 9cm/3.6 inches) and weight (40 g) are perfect for every one of all known routines. Complete with english instructions. Rope no included
Precio:    u$s 10.00  -  € 8.80
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Change Bag REPEAT Velvet (Red) ZIPPER

Use the Change Bag with any object that fits into the bag Producing! Vanishing! Changing!  One hand activated.New design! Plastic handle, no more scratched wood. REPEAT mora magic in the same size.


Precio:    u$s 34.00  -  € 29.92
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Mentalism Forcing Bag (White)

Made in heavy duty plastic and with extremely transparent clothe, which allows you to see, inside the bag, the objects to be exchanged. Ideal to change papers, coins, cards, etc. Imagine this simple efect: you show a bag which contains dozens of pieces of paper, each one of them with the name of a different and famous character, written in it. You show some of them. Then, any member of the audience freely takes one of those pieces of paper, and the name written in it matches the one previously written in a prediction. Very easy to perform. Ideal for mentalism, corporative shows, magic for children, etc. May be ordered in black or in white color. Complete with english instructions.

Precio:    u$s 25.00  -  € 22.00
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Expanded shell 50 Ctvs Euro Two sides

Effect 1: Four lent coins travel, one to one, from the left hand to the right hand.

Effect 2: A coin passes through a note/bill borrowed from a member of the audience.

Precio:    u$s 37.00  -  € 32.56
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