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  Bingo device x 25

Price    u$s 25.00  -  € 22.00 Add to Wishlist
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2 Coins thru card 2 Euros

The magician puts 2 coins on a card that it's over a glass, both of de coins fall inside the glass going thru the card. English instructions included.

Precio:    u$s 110.00  -  € 96.80
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Needle Balloon Lubricant Wand - Gold Tips

It's the perfect sleeve for the Needle Through Balloon. Inside the wandthere is some lubricant so the needle is always ready to be used. 

You can easily add more lubricant when this is over. The Needle through balloon is  not included. Needle Ballon Lubricant Wand is made of high quality plastic and looks like a normal Magic Wand. Resistent Plastic Bag protection and instructions included.

Dimensions Approximately  18"x 0.5" / 45cm x 1.3 cm

Precio:    u$s 7.00  -  € 6.16
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New Multum in Parvo Pro

Through this fabulous classic magic trick you will astound your audience by making the liquid contained in a huge glass fill a smaller glass and even fill a further smaller glass and a further smaller one until finishing with a very small glass from which you drink the liquid in it and offer this glass to the audience for them to have a look at it.Four (4) glasses of various sizes have been filled using the same quantity of liquid without a single missing or surplus drop!

An ideal magic  for children Magic and adult magic.

Includes  Bill Malone and Canki´s ingenious idea to performer as MC or adult magic.

  • Big Capacity

  • 4 Glasses made of Polycarbonate

  • They resist falls

  • Height of the tallest glass: 13 cm (5,2 inches)

  • Height of the smallest glass:  6,5 cm (2,6 inches)

  • Instructions in English - Japanese - Française - Español - Português - Italiano

Precio:    u$s 65.00  -  € 57.20
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Silk to egg - Vernet

Great for kids shows and perfect for adults. Self-contained. Comes complete with instructions and routine. (no silk included)

Precio:    u$s 7.00  -  € 6.16
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Deck Switcher - Fantasio

Now you can shith your tricked deck in fron of your audience! I am sure you will enjoy this for a long time, the Possibilities are endless.

Precio:    u$s 30.00  -  € 26.40
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Break Away Wand (13")

Hand your magic wand to a youngster to hold and it immediately wilts and hangs in a broken state!! So, you take it back and restore it, instantly! Give it back to the kid and it breaks again!!

Precio:    u$s 11.00  -  € 9.68
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Malini Egg Bag reloaded (Bag & DVD)

One of our tricks more sold for years again in stock and now reloaded.

The classic malini Egg Bag, a routine used over and over again with confidence by professional magicians today and in years past all over the world! See why! An egg vanishes and is produced from an examined empty bag. Invisible pocket means spectator can stick their hand inside the bag and not find a thing! 


  • A fabulous Bag and Egg routine, from Malini, recreated from ideas of Malini,  Kaps, Ken Brook and Tamariz. You have never seen such a marvelous magic routine. And, what is even better, you will be able to perform it.

  • Built in the same size of the original Malini Egg Bag Manufactured in black high quality silk , soft rugged loose absolutely beautiful material.

The set included: Mailni Egg Bag , manufactured by Bazar de Magia and DVD with  Routine and explanations (english/spanish) by Iñaki Zabaletta
Precio:    u$s 25.00  -  € 22.00
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