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  Sunga Rope by @SoyRada

Sunga Rope by @SoyRada

A classic effect and quite funny! During his performance, the magician notes that a piece of rope is hanging from his jacket sleeve. He pulls from the rope's end and some 5 meters of rope emerge from his sleeve, until the moment when the rope gets stuck. 

The magician looks down and discovers the rope's other end coming out of his left trouser. When he pulls from this other end, the rope in his sleeve goes up and then appears from his trouser leg, 'til it gets stuck once more. 

The rope's other end comes out of his trousers' right leg and, when the magician pulls from it, the rope slides to its end and, once more, it gets stuck. 

Finally, frustrated, the performer gives the rope a strong pull and everyone is surprised to see a sunga hanging from the rope's end. An ideal effect for a lounge magic performance, comic and for children. 

What does it include?

  • Gimmicked Rope
  • Written Instructions

Price    u$s 25.00  -  € 22.00 Add to Wishlist
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Chop Can Beer by Bazar de Magia

Now you see it, now you don’t !  A classic of close up magic, updated to XXI Century. The small ball appears and disappears, beneath the Coke Can Beer . Simple and of great effect.

Complete, with 2 red balls and English and Spanish instructions. 

Precio:    u$s 15.00  -  € 13.20
Más información sobre este producto    Quantity    Agregarlo a sus compras  

The P.H. Super Sampler C1

Used Book, in English, very good condition.

Precio:    u$s 20.00  -  € 17.60
Más información sobre este producto    Quantity    Agregarlo a sus compras  

Lit Cigarette Pull (vanishing lit cigarette)

Make a lit cigarette vanish, and after that, show your empty hands. This professional item is made of Brass and Aluminum and laquered in black. Complete.

Precio:    u$s 10.00  -  € 8.80
Más información sobre este producto    Quantity    Agregarlo a sus compras  

Bite coin 2 Euros (traditional system) with extra piece

The magician shows a coin, then he bites the coin and removes a piece of the coin, the coin is clearly shown to be missing a part. The magician then pulls the missing piece of the coin from his mouth. To finish the effect, the magician puts the piece back in his mouth and then blows on the coin and instantly the coin now looks to be whole again!

Precio:    u$s 33.00  -  € 29.04
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EUREKA The Ultimate ACAAN by Roberto Mansilla & Vernet - DVD

This is The Ultimate ANY CARD AT ANY NUMBER 

  • Use ordinary deck

  • No deck switches 

  • No Mnemonics

  • The spectator shuffles themselves the card

  • Any card and any number can be chosen

  • DVD with full explanations, comments and variations. 

"Roberto has not only successfully stalked the Berglas's Effect, he has captured it. I still favor it among others floating around new."

- Jon Racherbaumer 

"This is the version that you'll add to your repertoire. Completely impossible for the audience, perfectly practical for the magician."

- Jim Steinmeyer 

"Roberto Mansilla's magic is intelligent and captivating, and so is his personal version of ACAAN. I like it, and you will, too."

- Roberto Giobbi 


Running Time Approximately: 1hr 

Languages: Spanish / English (OverDubbing)

Precio:    u$s 30.00  -  € 26.40
Más información sobre este producto    Quantity    Agregarlo a sus compras  

Fanning and Manipulation Cards

These cards were originally design by Vernet and allow you to perform beautiful card fanning and productions. Each card has brilliant colors on it back so you will able to perform fantastic combinations when fanning it.

Precio:    u$s 9.50  -  € 8.36
Más información sobre este producto    Quantity    Agregarlo a sus compras  

Clown shoes - Black with red and withe stars (ZH013)

Professional clown shoes for all foot sizes, REAL LEATHER, rubber sole, reinforced, giant tip, 13,5 inches lenght. Black with withe and red stars.

Precio:    u$s 182.00  -  € 160.16
Más información sobre este producto    Quantity    Agregarlo a sus compras  
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