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Price    u$s 3.99  -  € 3.65 Add to Wishlist
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No Gravity!!

During the performance of any card trick, you take the deck out from its card case, spread the cards over the table and then you lift your hands making the spread floating on the air! Based on an idea of Yiji Yamamoto and Juan Pablo

Precio:    u$s 24.00  -  € 21.96
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 Imagine this; you are wearing no jacket on plain stage. No table, no chairs, nothing. You show a red handkerchief and then a white one. Next you briefly cover your empty right hand and instantly produce a real wine bottle production out of nothing. No Way! 


This is the best opener trick for the real professional. You can you it anywhere, anytime. Perfect for stage, parlor and even close up. 



  • Bob Read would love it!

  • 100% audience tested

  • Comes with a special gimmick

  • Full explanations

  • Performed in different venues

  • English overdubbing

  • Almost an hour

  • No silks included

  • And Vernet's quality

Precio:    u$s 35.00  -  € 32.03
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One Hand Dove Bag (Colour)

Now, you can magically produce doves professionally with this special one-handed gimmick! Introducing the Bazar de Magia One hand Dove Bag! Available in black, white, red and blue.

Precio:    u$s 18.00  -  € 16.47
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Silver Magic Thimbles - Vernet

Set of 8 manipulation thimbles. With this set you can perform multiplying, vanishes, penetrations, and productions. They are specially designed and consist in 4 pairs of thimbles nested one inside the other. Complete with instructions

Precio:    u$s 12.00  -  € 10.98
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Promoting me and you - David Ginn C3

Used book. 1979, USA. Limited edition, signed.

Precio:    u$s 10.00  -  € 9.15
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Clown shoes - red withe and blue W/ yellow/red stars (ZH22)

Professional clown shoes for all foot sizes, REAL LEATHER, rubber sole, reinforced, giant tip, 13,5 inches lenght. withe, red and light blue with red and yellow stars.

Precio:    u$s 182.00  -  € 166.54
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Flower Power by Salvador Sufrate

If you are looking for a visual and easy magic trick to do this is your choice.

The flower tricks are always very attractive. Imagine this sequence.

A flower appears magically and changes color at in incredible way and finally the flower turns into a beautiful bouquet. You can performer different flower change colors.

  • Color changes are at real-time

  • No camera tricks

  • Easy to do

  • Practical and easy set-up

  • Nothing to manufacture

An ideal magic trick to introduce in any show. If you are a professional magician you will rapidly incorporate this trick into your repertoire.If you're an amateur magician you will enjoy this miracle performing to your friends.

You get everything you need to perform the trick as many times as you want.

The gimmicks needed are included as wll as a DVD in Spanish and English with very full and clear instructions

Precio:    u$s 40.00  -  € 36.60
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